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The Admissions Panel

Graduation Cap

Applications are reviewed by a panel of MECHS staff that may include the following:

● MECHS grade level teachers: Social Studies, English and Math

● MECHS counselor

● MECHS classified staff members

● MECHS principal


The admissions panel is bound by confidentiality and cannot reveal the specific reasons behind the admissions decisions that have been made.  In general, a student may be denied admission to MECHS due to, but not limited to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. The applicant does not reside within SCUSD attendance boundaries;
  2. The grade level cohort is full;
  3. The application was submitted after the closing deadline;
  4. The student does not meet targeted demographics identified by the California Department of Education for Early College attendance;
  5. The student voiced in their interview or (other subsequent meetings) that they do not want to attend MECHS.

Applicants or their parent(s)/guardian(s) are advised against approaching individual members of the panel to obtain specific details or information regarding admission status. Any attempt to approach a panel member to request reconsideration of a decision and/or ask the reasons behind an admissions decision, or any other question relating to a specific application for admission including placement on the waitlist, will remove that student’s application from any future review for admission for the school year in question.  If such contact is made, the student will be removed from the waitlist for that grade cohort and will only be allowed to reapply the following year.