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Our Staff

MECHS is staffed and supported by a number of key individuals throughout Santa Clara Unified and Mission College.  


Mission Early College Staff:

Viola Smith, Principal

Carmen Padilla Moran, Secretary

Alicia Deboe, Registrar

TBD, Academic Counselor


Sara Smith, History Dept. Chair & Sophomore Advisor

Napoleon Sharble, History Teacher & Junior Advisor

Delia McVay, English Teacher & Senior Advisor

Haileyesus Degefu, Math Teacher & Junior Advisor

Kaitlin Black, English Dept. Chair & Senior Advisor


Sheila Penuen, Special Education Case Manager

TBD, Wellness Coordinator


Supporting Us From Santa Clara Unified School District:

Robert Griffin, SCUSD Coordinator of Student Services - Attendance and Discipline

Laura Fitsemons, Administrative Assistant, Attendance and Discipline

Ben Gonzales, SCUSD Coordinator of Student Services - Health and Wellness

Kathie Kanavel, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services


Supporting Us From Mission College:

Omar Murillo, Vice President, Student Support Services

Zita Melton, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Murillo

Susan Monahan, Transfer Center Coordinator

Sara Smith


Delia McVay
Delia McVay